Worth looking at  -   Verd å ta en titt på
- Oddmund Raudberget
- Triztan Vindtorn
- Vikingene
- Books
- Pirates
- Money
- Global warming
- Logos / Bumerker
- Cholesterol
- Chemtrails
(Under construction)
- Trøkk, sukker og ølmaga
- The General Immunity System
- Dear Scretary-General
- Tempelriddere
- Kronologi
(ifbm Vikinger og Tempelriddere)
An open letter to the Secretary-General og the UN
A presentation of the great Norwegian artist
In memory of a great poet, artist and good friend
I Tempelriddernes fotspor i Portugal
A page with leads to numerous fine book awailable for free
Mitt syn på våre aner er ikke det som paven har skapt.
A page dealing with the real pirates of today
A lot of thought an references on the grat scam
A candid look at one of the large medical scam
(Under construction)
(Under construction)
Noen kjappe meldinger om hva og hvordan.
A great novel by Mr. Richard Montague.
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