The Real Pirates of Today    -                 Albir in October 2006

O n this page I have jotted down  some of my thoughts around the Pirates of the past, and the Pirates of today. And when writing "Pirates", I'm not thinking  of the sort of, over time made romantic seafaring pirates like Störtebecker, LaFitte, Long John Silver, or whatever their names were. They all represent an interesting story of course, as do some of the less known Norwegian ones. (Buccaneering  activity did in fact produce the cornerstone of what was to become some of the large family owned shipping companies in Norway of the past. If you are interested in such pirates, rather than the Pirates that I am interested in, a fine page on buccaneering  can be found here)
The Pirates I want to write a bit about though, are the land based ones who pull the strings behind the screen, and who I regard as the real Pirates of this world. They too have had their hands in piracy at sea of course, as there was huge money to be made, and some of the Real Pirate families were also involved in the Opium War, where their ships carried the "Skull and Bones" flag, like the Templars before them (Not unexpectedly the secret Yale University Society, to which George W. Bush belongs, is as you most probably know, the Skull and Bones.)

The Real Pirates however, never mastered any ships under the "Jolly Roger" themselves of course. They are, and have always been clever land based operators and masters of deception, confining their activities to financial acrobatic stunts. Their "ships" are and have always been "money" and "finance", and  the main "flag ships" in their "fleet" today, carry the names of: "The Federal Reserve Bank" and "The European Central Bank".
Both are indeed institutions owned and operated by the Pirate Families, under the disguise of being state or community property. Both institutions having received, incredible as it is,  the sole right from corrupt and/or utterly feebleminded politicians, to produce money out of nothing!.  In reality, the scam going on is of course nothing but a "legalized" counterfeiting operation.
Their first gigantic "financial coup d'etat" was carried out in the US, back in 1913, when "The Federal Reserve Bank" was established.  By then however, they had already over time become the owners and operators of the Bank of England (The Rothschilds), which implies that they owned a major chunk of the world more than a hundred years ago. In fact, the reality is, that Europe by and large was firmly in their grip already by then.
Anyway, the unbelievable exploit performed in 1913, was successfully repeated in Europe in 1999, thru the establishing of the ECB, and the later launching of the Euro currency in 2002. (Euros, when spoken, sounds like "ourios", meaning piss in the Greek language, and which by chance hints in the very direction of the  fact that the Pirates are turning "toilet paper"  into legal tender. Other magicians like the great Houdini of today - David Copperfield - become novices with their illusions, in comparison with this stunning act of transformation. And mind you, what the Pirates perform is no illusion. :-)
These Real Pirates and global looters, are but a mere handful, of intermingleing families, who by now have become so powerful, that it is hardly an exaggeration to say that they own and/or control virtually all assets to speak of around the world. The rest of us Tom, Dick and Harrys are, like we have been for generations, just sailing along as their useful idiots and dumb deck hands. In reality, they do in fact control our lives totally from birth to grave. Not only physically, but above all, mentally. This is due to the fact that they are in a close to total control of higher education, universities an colleges... media... politics... production facilities...  you name it...  the western world has been moulded by them over generations.
Their names are virtually never mentioned in the mass media, the reason being that they also "just happen" to own or control the media. Like magic they manage, despite of their unprecedented wealth and power, to remain virtually totally hidden, like if the families died out generations ago. And, if they should happen to appear like a Houdini out of the past,  it is virtually always as generous philanthropists or collectors of fine art.

The last time I came across the name of  Rothschild, the "capo de tutti capi" among The Pirates, in a direct link to ownership of big business, was when Jacob Rothschild emerged as holder of a power of attorney , and per se then probably the actual owner of the huge Russian oil company Yukos. This became known after the Yukos CEO, Khodorkovsky, was put behind bars by Putin, on charges of fraud.
The document had been signed years earlier, and explains most probably where young Khodorkovsky got the means to buy up a substantial part of the "crown jewels" of the collapsed USSR. It should not come as a  surprise to anyone, if one day we learn that Abramowitch and the other young Jewish business oligarchs, who popped up in Russia out of total obscurity, under the presidency of Boris Nikolajevitj Jeltsin, were all financed by the Rotschilds. Deception is their name of the game.
In fact, the close to magic deception performed by these unbelievably rich and powerful Finance Pirates, is so perfect, that even though most of us fully realize and agree on the non disputable fact, that "money rules the world", we still keep on blaming shit that happens around in the world, on their willing pillager conscripts, like e.g. President Bush. Numerous web sites and other more traditional media outlets like the press and TV, are actively carrying out their deception scheme in this respect.

Common for them all is the concentrated effort on shooting at the lousy piano players, thereby seeking to avoid each and every attention to be focused on  the very composers of the atrocities and lootings taking place. And the fact that millions of people buy this bullshit, screaming along in their attacks on puppets like Bush, Blair, Hitler, Clinton, Reagan, (or whatever name the "one level up" useful idiots of the past and the present have or had), shows that the deception scheme works smoothly and perfectly.

Likewise, this sort of indicates to me, that man must be closely related to a woolly usually horned ruminant mammal. A "Bush" and his cronies are attacked and blamed  for shit that happened in the past, shit that happens at present, and of course ... shit that will happen in the future (like anticipated upcoming shit in Iran).
As for George W, I don't think that he can blame his parents for his evident lack of mental capability, the reason for which most probably lies in lack of mental training up thru the years, combined with an excessive smoking of bad grass over a long period of time :-). Hence, we may blame him for screwing up his own brains, but beyond that, the evident nitwit can't be blamed for anything but being the useful idiot "numero uno" in the world at the moment. In fact I think it would even be unfair of us, taking into consideration his mental capacity, to blame him for even  prostituting himself with regard to his own opinions, believes or convictions, should he at all be in possession of any such virtues of his own.

However, as for most of his staff though, the situation is less favourable. To me they all seem to be ruthless mean mongrels of the worst possible kind, fully capable of realizing the scope of the scheme they are carrying out. However, they themselves are also useful idiots and expendable trash, selected by the Pirates. Each one a willing conscripts chosen for their ability to carry out one special element in the overall plan of the Pirates. Serving as their shields and living deceptions.
"Madmen they all seem to me, and clambering apes, and too eager. Badly smelleth their idol to me, the cold monster: badly they all smell to me, these idolaters." Nietzche writes in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".
And when Condoleeza Rice shows her face on the TV screen, an other quote from the same book springs to my mind, "Let man fear woman when she hateth: for man in his innermost soul is merely evil; woman, however, is mean."

The deception performed at all levels  is indeed extremely well conducted, and has been  cleverly refined over generations.  You just dwell for a few seconds with one single deception, which we hear or read virtually daily now. It is the statement, that billions of dollars are spent on the war in Iraq. The figures are even converted from the astronomical non comprehendable ones, to figures like USD/day. which a normal person can understand. Spent they write or say. SPENT? It sounds as if it has been thrown away somehow. Well, indeed it has, but thrown in the pockets of The Pirates that is. Companies they are owning or controling are boosting their turnover with this money! The Pirates are rakeing astronomical indecorous PROFITS on the bloody war they themselve have created. A war created  in order to be able, freely to loot the oil wells in Iraq!

Just stop and think about what a gigantic fraud this act of atrocity in reality is. First they create the money out of nothing, Then they get the bulk of it back thru payment for orders issued by the government to the companies own and/or controlled by the Pirates,  and finally they get the total amount paid back with interest over the years to come. An unbelievable scam!... just flipping unbelievable. The more I think about this, the more convinced I am, that there is considerably more sheep than ape in our genes. And on top of it all, comes the fact that there are young people willing to go out to Iraq, killing and possibly dying themselves out there for these greedy bastards. That to me compadres, raises the serious question if there might even be a sheep or two among these young persons immediate relatives.

I find the whole matter mindboggeling, and as already touched upon, the probably most incredible thing with it all is, that the majority of the useful idiots seem totally  unable to grasp the simple fact, that the bloody billions comes out of their pockets and out of the pockets of their children... and their children. The Pirates don't pay, and they don't send their sons or daughters out there. Like dumb zombies, the useful idiots allow themselves, their children,  the future generations, to pay the cost, and die, for the greed of the bloody pirates!

Well then, can there be any doubts to anyone any longer, that Darwin was partly wrong in his assumptions about our primogenitor? We can not possibly have developed solely from apes. Apes are not stupid enough to be our way back ancestors. There simply must be a much more stupid mammal than the apes in our distant origin. Mankind has definite more woolly roots!.

I mean, I wouldn't even bet a wooden nickel on any of The Pirates being able to deceive  a chimpanzee into going along with the scams that a majority of the American population have  approved of. Not for a whole bunch of bananas would any monkey even consider such bunco! No way! Chimpanzees are far to smart to go for such deceptions. Not even for half of the stocks in the Pirate owned United Fruit would they allow themselves to be raped like this.
I think it was Piet Hein's "Kumbel", who said, -"It's difficult to make predictions... especially about the future," and how right he was. But I'am afraid that the prediction about the further development of the power of The Pirates may be pretty accurately predicted by saying, -"Total and full control is only a short period of time away." Probably just a few years, and it will probably be linked to a near all destructive war between China and the USA, where Europe and Russia will fight on the US side.

Long before then though, a page like the one I tip away on at the moment, will be censured  away, and deemed to be a serious criminal offence, and the writer locked away for years in a Guantanamo bay somewhere.  I have already experienced the introduction of martial law in a couple of places that I used to  call home in the past, and it is just about amazing how quickly things can change over night. In any case, the Internet has become to large a thing for The Pirates not trying to grab total control of it. (A big chunk they already possess.)
Well, if you might think that such a totalitarian development of the Internet is unfounded speculations on my side, you're either brain washed beyond the hope of restoration, or just plain ignorant of the world around you. Having said that though, let me hastily add, that if you nurse such an opinion due to impaired intellectual ability, your parents are of course solely to blame for your bewildered state of mind, and you shall indeed have my sincere sympathy.
Anyway, the fact is that Guantanamo Bay exists! (Not only in Cuba mind you :-), and it is also a fact that people are jailed in Europe for asking question around Europe's past history!, (Just like you will be heavily fined if you say to a policeman in Germany,  who has just treated you as you were garbage, that you think he behaves like an asshole. And even if you choose to tell him this in a  less straight talk  manner, like saying that you think he is stupid, the fine laid on you will still be around 2-500,- Euro!... for just plainly expressing what you think.. using words found in any German dictionary. Not much democracy nor freedom of speech in that, is it?)
My prediction is, that the Internet we look upon today, and which we praise as our world's marvelous number one communication forum, offering us virtually unlimited global and unrestrained exchange of thoughts and opinions, may indeed turn out to be a mighty Damocles sword; a slumbering nightmare to the fragile small segment of freedom that still exists in the illusionary democracy surrounding us.
The Internet may in fact turn out to be THE very central tool for the Pirates, in their unquestionable quest for total and absolute world dominance and control. Without the Internet today, the industrial world would definitely and rapidly collapse into a total chaos. The Net has thus in an incredibly short time, (just about a decade), developed into a  tool as powerful as that of having control over the money, (which the Pirates indeed already have). In fact, the control of the Net may prove even more powerful than the control over money. Hence I do bet my wooden nickel on, that they will do more than try to grab full control.  Just look at the scary development in Germany !

Here is some straight-from-the-shoulder thoughts and opinions about the "Real Pirates" of the past and of today.  Figures like "Captain Black Bill" and "Long John Silver" may be real historic figures, but do indeed only serve as disguise for the real pirates, of which most were Templars or private  ship owners holding a caper letter  issued by a king in an ongoing conflict. But the modern pirates of today are seldom using any other weapon than a fountain pen, and their “crew” members are mostly made up of well educated lawyers and corrupt politicians. Indeed, the Templars were not the knights of a religious military order established  (in 1118) to protect pilgrims and the Holy Sepulcher, as the history books tell us. That, however, was only their camouflage. What these Templar knights, and numerous similar organizations were, was nothing but soldiers of fortune and buccaneers disguised as monks, bankers and financiers,   . In fact, the black flag with skull and bones, was used by the Templar fleet, and was later used as flag by the American ship owner Russell, who made a huge fortune in smuggling opium on China. A main partner in that trade was the British Royal Family... whom I think has never dropped that lucrative business, but just moved on to other markets. :-)
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