Here is a page where I have collected some information on the scam with cholesterol.
One of the realy big scams by the Pharma Industry over the last few years.
One that was made possible thru the signature of the previous head of state
in Norway - Gro H. Brundtland - when she was heading the WHO. With her
penstroke, defining the proper cholesterol level in a "healthy" person,
virtually half of the population of  the western world was made sick!...
suffering from high cholesterol!... and the multi-billion-dollar-a-year
business by the pharma industry and the "zero-cholesterin-margarine"
started rolling. Few people know that cholesterol is an absolute vital
building stone for the renewal of cells in the human body, and that
our   liver is the producer of this vital element for the steady
"repair" needed in our body... and like old machines, people need
a bit more maintenance as they grow older. A matter worth  looking into! But, by all means!... there might indeed be something to "good" or "bad" cholesterol... I'm not questioning that. However ,  I am putting up a large question about a "
TC   levels over 200 mg/dL" being abnormal and  dangerous to my health. There is in fact ample evidence  on the table, telling that my somewhat "high"  level is needed in order to keep me alive, and caused  by my (over many  years) consumption of transfat. Hence, what I ought to do first of all, is to change my diet! Change my diet and attack the very reason for my medical
situation. That is; not to concentrate on the symptomes, by gobbling pills,
but to start a healthier life through the removal of
Trans Fat and High
Density Sugar
from my diet.
Relatert Informasjon på NORSK / Related Information i Norwegian
all-round remedy, the garlic, has been subject to a number of clinical studies, which have indicated that it can offer modestreductions in cholesterol. A 1997 study by nutrition researchers at Pennsylvania State University found men who took garlic capsules for five months reduced their total cholesterol by 7% and LDL by 12%.
Total cholesterol:
Desirable <200
Borderline 200 to 240
Undesirable >240
Types of invented Cholesterol and their levels claimed to be medically correct
The "natural health industry" has of course grabbed this business opportunity as well, and thrown themselves on the bandwagon, by offering a wide range of pills, capsules, oils and mixtures, which will lower anything from cholestrol, blood sugar and blood pressure.   Hence the number one health bringer and
More to come
HDL (good) cholesterol:
Desirable >45
Borderline 35 to 45
Undesirable <35
LDL (bad?) cholesterol:
Desirable <130
Borderline 130 to 160
Undesirable >160
I am writing "types" "invented" and "claimed" for the very reason, that when these terms and levels were presented and approved by the head of the WHO, Mrs. Brundtland (Former prime minister of Norway), they per se made more than 50% of the western world population sick and subject to medication. Her signature was based on studies financed by the margarine and the pharma industry! And with her signature, a new multi billion market for the pharma industry was created, and a tremendous boost was given to for the margarine/transfat industry, who is producing and selling the prevailing cause behind Hypertension, Diabetes2, Overweight and elevated Cholesterol levels. The cause of it all is found in our consumption of TransFat / Hydrogenated Fat  / Semi HydrogenatedFat, which are three names for the same deadly poisenous fat sold as margarine and as part of virtually all non frigerated food products, containing fat and having an extended shelf life (Chips, bisquits, cakes, etc. etc.).  A most harmful and  health deteriorating fat, and which indeed our health authorities allow the food industry to kill us with... slowly but surely... while over the years making a fortune out of their murderous product. (Inhaling tobacco smoke is definitely bad for your health in the long run, but Transfat  is indeed a heck of a lot worse!)

To start your digging into this matter, discover the fact that there is
NO BAD CHOLESTEROL! Watch this VIDEO... A video which is a real eye opener, and which definitely will make you set aside time to study  the information revealed in the  various Web-pages listed below! And if those don't serve you as enough evidence, start googeling the matter on your own!  You are indeed not only being screwed by corrupt politicians and criminal bangsters these days... the Pharmaceutical, the Medical and the Transfat manufacturers have screwed you for the better part of a century!
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2.Cholesterol Facts vs Myths
3. Truth About Cholesterol 
- About high blood pressure
- The Cholesterol scam
Some fine and most informative pages dealing with the cholesterol SCAM
tension, Diabetes2, Overweight
  and of course the
Another study showed that seven cloves of fresh garlic a day significantly reduced LDL, as did a daily dose of four garlic extract pills. Other studies in 1997 and 1998 back up these results. However, two more recent studies have questioned the effectiveness of garlic in lowering "bad cholesterol." Well, we know that the term "bad cholestrol" was invented by the pharma industry... and incidentally, the "two more recent studies"  were in fact funded by the pharma industry :-)

in order to improve on your medical situation caused by years of TransFat consumption, there is only one way out of the life threatening situation. You have to, as I say in my opening statement above, attack the very cause of the missery. Stop consuming TransFat, and when you fry your food, fry at low temperature and use only butter or coconut oil. Secondly, start consuming more deep-sea fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and/or take three to four table spoons grinded linseed/flaxseed a day. Adding omega-3 to your diet, will aid your body in getting rid of the toxic TransFat which is surrounding every cell in your body, screwing up your metabolism. More about this is found on THIS PAGE. 

But!... in addition to radically improving your diet and staying away from all TransFats, Exercise is always good for for you, so how about getting up from your chair in front of the TV,  and start walking a few miles every day?  My own health log shows by the end of 2011, that three months after I started my daily dose of flaxseeds, I have been able to get off blood pressure lowering medication. My average readings are 130/70, with a resting pulse rate of 60.
The fact that the cholesterol in your veins is
produced by your own liver... should  be more than
         enough for you to ask; why margarine?
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