Written back in 2008, but which I just ‘found’ in my archives yesterday, on Sept 25. 2017)

I think that the Rothschild's first major, behind the scene coup, was their taking over the Bank of England (which they still control) in connection with Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.  However, their taking control of the US dollar in 1913 is probably, in my opinion, a much bigger coup, keeping in mind the close to 100 years they have operated the USD scam, and also the fact that they have managed to screw the whole world with that fiat money, by 'glueing' it to crude oil and thereby  turning the USD into a "world currency", allowing them to orchestrate one financial crisis after the other,  not only in the US and  Europe, but worldwide. One of the latest coups is of course the establishing of the EBC and the €.

Normally, or should I rather say 'always', the International banksters are financing both or all parties in a conflict/war. And wars (both real and financial/monetary),  have always been their biggest money maker, and still is. There is indeed no accellerator in an ecconomy like war is... nor is there any other means of changing the world into their ultimate goal; a one world dictatorship.

The Rothschilds also offered Napoleon their financial support, which the smart little general turned down by saying that he did not want to "land in their pockets". Instead he was selling off French owned land i the US deep south. At the end however, Napoleon's war chest was empty, and he had to turn to the Rothschilds for financial support. 

An interesting anecdote in this respect is, that after having made WWII at all possible with their funding, Hitler turned down their banking offer, saying that his Third Reich would coin their own money. Being locked out of such a business opportunity did of course make the Rothschilds furious, and the Jewish Declaration of War on Germany followed. Anyway, the fact that Germany under Hitler coined their own fiat money, with no interest to private bankers, was of course a vital key to Germany's incredibly fast rebuilding and growth after the misery and ruins of WWI. (Not to forget the substantial initial financing of Adolf by the International Bankers of course, without which  he would probably never have brought his rethorics beyond the pubs in Bayern.)

I am sitting in my camper on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, the late summer of 2008, with the summer Olympics in China filling the mass media.  Athletes, the modern day gladiators, who are willing to eat any kind of drugs in order to win a silly medal in the multi billon scheme operated by the modern day pirates. are presented as heroes and champions. And, the assholes of this world of ours, are glued to their TV, eating the visual shit, mentally brainwashed in a mentally retarded  excitement. Give people what they want; bread and circus.

However,  perpetual critics  against China for showing no respect for their own people, by building the mega power dam on the Yang-Tze, is blared towards us at the same time by the prestitutes., who scream about Tibet... about Chinese leaders who are guilty of disrespecting human rights... who are   exercising controll and censor of the internet in China... as if internet in the West is not controlled and censored.  In China, people are jailed for criticizing their leaders, the presstitutes scream. Political dissidents are locked up for years! Right, that is... but where the heck is the difference between China and the West in this respect? What about 'Guantanamo Bay'... and all the 'guantanamos' we have never heard about?

Now then, who are these truth seeking journalists, condemning the lack of free speech in China, who suddenly suffer total amnesia when it comes to freedom of speech in their own countries? How the heck can they tolerate Guantanamo Bay and the continuous Israel/American rape of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and, and, and.... ? How the heck can these 'journalists' claim to be any better than the Chinese they criticize? How come they don't say a word about the laws putting people in jail for asking questions around the Zionist invented Holocaust? How come they say nothing when the German chancellor, Angela Merkel (who is a Zionist Polish Jew herself), is pushing on Brussels to adopt the German/Austrian 'holocaust' criminal law througout the EU?

Can there be any question about all the banks, all the media and all the politicians being owned and/ or controlled by the very same Zionist shadow power who is craving for absolute world power?

Tell you what, buddy! The answer to this is of course, yes, yes and yes. The entire Mass Media world-wide is in the hands of, fully owned and/or under the absolute control of - the real pirates of today, the hidden Zionist power of which 'Rothschild & Co' is an operating front. 

Tell you what, the whole matter makes me puke.

Some notes on the ‘presstitutes’ and the ‘banksters’