Still with me

You tried to tell me something / that you didnít want to say
and I knew the words  but didnít want to hear them
I can see you in my mind (and) / I can hear you in my dreams
and remember you  beside me in the morning

I can see you in my mind (and) / I can hear you in my dreams
and remember you beside me in the morning

I recall the day you told me / you came onboard to stay.
To let me be a part of what youíre feeling.
But your eyes kept telling something / that I didnít comprehend,
while today I know they told me you were leaving.

How I long to hear your voice Ďn feel / the softness of your skin,
and to feel the curves and beauty of your body.
Only once again to feel and see / the sparkles in your eyes.
Feeling heaven here on earth with you beside me.

You are with me thru the day / you are with me thru the night,
though I know youíre gone and I am only dreaming,
of your gentle hands and touch / and to love you once again,
and to live again a life that has a meaning.

Well I never understood your love / and I never think I will,
how you split youíre life in two by coming with me.
But today it doesnít matter (and) / it doesnít mean a thing,
though I miss you so and dream of being with you.

Meeting the right one is a fortune that only the ones to whom the gods are extremely generous will experience...I think.  And,I once met one who was, I thought,that very special person, but alas she left me for another. This song was written in memory of her... "Still with me"
Still with me
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