Maybe she, he... or it, is out there somewhere... to be found... if you search long enough? And, are you sure that what you search for is what you really want? Could it be that you may loose something by finding what you search for? What about freedom? Freedom... like the freedom of the wide open oceans... the waves, the wind and the sky... an ultimate freedom?... Is it possible to have both?... what you search for, and the freedom you enjoy? My song "Staying Free"     was written with these thoughts in my mind.
Staying Free

C                            G7                 C
Her eyes are giving shivers in my body,
      F                                               C
her lips are tasting sweeter than the wine
          F                                        C
Like a precious little flower in the morning,
            G7                  F                   C
//she's resting on the pillows of my mind//

Like the well of life with fresh'n living water,
how I wish that I could find she is for real
She could end any sad and lonely journey,
//and share, all the feelings that I feel//

She could change the dark to light in my living
if I woke and found her body next to mine.
But sharing  presious days a nights for ever,
//is a dream that just a few will ever find.//

At night sometimes I hear her voice a calling,
just to find it is the echo of my dreams.
Then I question what is life and what is living,
//and if life is really only what it seems.//

But life for me is waves and happy sailing,
I just love the wind and motion of the sea,
So farewell to the dream I leave behind me,
//on my boat with sea and sky I'm staying free.//


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Staying Free