The priest in a small Irish village just loved the rooster and his ten hens which he kept in the hen house behind the church.
One Sunday morning, before mass, he went to feed his birds when he discovered that the cock was missing.
He knew about cock fights being held in the village, so he decided to questioned his parishioners in church later on.
During mass, he asked the congregation, he asked,
- "Has anybody in this congregation got a cock?"

Paddy, Rourk and finally all the rest of the men in church stood up.

- "No, no!" the priest said, "that wasn't what I meant... what I ment to say is, has anybody seen a cock?'

Then slowly all the women stood up.

- "No, no!" the priest said again, "that wasn't what I meant to say either... my question to you is...  has anybody seen a cock that doesn't belong to you?'

Upon this question half the women in the church, and a couple of young  guys stood up.

- "No, no, NO!" the priest then shouted, with a slight trembling in his voice. "What I am trying to say... to ask has anybody here seen my cock?'

Seven altar boys an two priests stood up,  and finally also a small sheep laying down at the entrance...
The Irish Priest and His Cock