Plato once said, -“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Well, I am pretty sure the great ancient Athenian philosopher was pointing at a most important matter some two and a half millennium ago. However, when nodding to those wise words,  we should at the same time bear in mind some other wise words uttered by a most brilliant German sociologist of our era, Max Weber: -"Politicians are only in politics for personal advantages and/or  power."

If at all participating in politics, like Plato suggest, it is imperative that we coordinate and clarify our  conception or understanding of the words "Politics" and "Politician" If you look them up, you will under "Politics" find a definition, which indeed relates to the words by Max Weber:  "Social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power." And, under "Politician" (
apart from, "A leader engaged in civil administration:" and "A person active in party politics."): "A schemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways."

Hence, before anyone participates in politics, by voting for a politician or a political party, it is crucial to understand, that according to the defnitions above, a Politician is a conspirator or a plotter who tries to gain a  more favorable position in a sneaky way marked by skill in deception, which in reality is exactly what Max Weber tells us.  Nowhere will you find a definition which says that a politician is a person working for the best of the people or the country. Nowhere!
Sadly but true that is, and over the years politicians in our so called democratic world, have turned their trade into nothing less than a grotesque tragedy, where they, through their greed for personal advantages and/or power, have made themselves into mere useful idiots for the actual rulers of our societies;  the "bangsters"...  the "Rothschild & Co".

If Plato had lived today, I think he would have phrased himself a bit differently. Maybe like this?: -“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you miss the opportunity to aquire huge personal advantages and aquire numerous favours from the ruling bangsters”

In todays world, participating in politics or not, you are not ruled by inferiors, but by superiors. You are ruled by superior, conniving, scheming, brutal "bangsters" (international bankers), who, over generations,  have managed to grab a total control over politics and our politicians... over us all. They own it all!  "Bangster" who have turned our frail democracies into their own absolute dictatorships.

In my opinion,"to participate in politics" , in our imagined, make-believe-democracies in  which we live, is no less than taking part  in something which must be characterized as nothing less than absolute political hogwash. However, to my amazement, people keep on participating in political rallies, voting for the same and/or new corrupt politicians... again, and again, and again. And after an election, euphoric suckers are dancing around with flags and banners, chanting: "We have won-we have won!"  Hmmm?. It brings to my mind what Albert Einstein once said: -"Only two things are infinite; the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former."

When our corrupt and/or birdbrained politicians within the EU gave private bankers (Rothschild & Co) the legal right to produce their fiat money, the Euro, out of nothing, and to collect interest there on, they repeated the same non-plus-ultra-crime performed by the US politicians in  1913, when they allowed the establishing of the Fed.

Today the "bangsters" own you, me, all of us... they own it all... lock stock and barrel, which is leading up to the big question, -"How do we get out of the slavery our politicians and our infinite stupidity have brought us into? You got any suggestions? (
And, by the way, have you ever pondered over the fact that the only qualification needed to become a successful politician, is to be a mere palaver and rhetorician? Absolutely no professional education is needed whatsoever! The only qualification needed is to gibber on endlessly.)

I'll finish off this rant with the following somewhat self-contradictory thought. -"The totalitarian new world, which the International Bangsters are masterminding, and which we are on the brink of entering, might however be the only sollution with a sustainable ecology and economy in mind... for those who are found eligible to live on that is."
Politics, Politicians and  Bangsters
Anyway, whether you agree  or not with my rant, your opinions and comments are most welcome HERE!