Who are you mighty leaders? Who gave you the right,
to ignore all the bells that are ringing?
Ringing for the children who are lost in the night;
canít you hear they are crying; not singing?

ch.:  I see millions of people unable to cope.
       I see millions of children and all without hope.
       I see thousands of leaders with dark greedy eyes,
       with long greedy fingers and tongues speaking lies.

Who gave you the right to destroy what is green,
and to make all your money from killing?
Why were you all borne;  so greedy and mean?
Youíre destroying us all for a shilling!

You who kill all the trees with your poisonous rain,
canít you see that our nature is dying?
Were all blooming meadows created in vain?
You're mighty, you're leaders and youíre lying!

You who make all the guns and are starting the wars,
canít you hear that the people are crying?
Is your money really all what your living for?
Canít you see that our future is dying?

You are leaders of men, but I think youíre insane,
where you sit on your asses not thinking;
of the millions of people who are dying in pain,
who like stones in the water are sinking.

I do not hold any respect for any of the leaders of our world... regardless of flag, color, system, religion or ideology. What I can see is nothing but utter greed and destruction behind false smiles and pretty facades. Not to wonder then, that I find it beyond comprehension that mankind follows these politicians, presidents, head of states, kings, generals, popes and priests. Why is it, that we allow the money printers and their puppets to destroy us and everything around us?  My song, "Mighty Leaders" ,  written back in 1999 , is mulling over this contradiction.
© Brandulph
All rights reseved