A Norwegian “environmental protectionist” whom I met in 1979,   told me (not without obvious pride), that real progress was being made around the world within the field of his activity.
-"Environmental protection  my ass," I bluntly told him, "I see nothing but a continuous and increasing raping of Mother Earth.... all done in the holy name of still more profit."
I saw little hope  for the coming generations then, and I see less hope today... 30 years later after writing this song. In fact, to me, the world around me has become an ongoing nightmare!
I wrote this song after my long discussion with the Norwegian optimist, who made his living from travelling around visiting environmental protection projects financed by the UN.
Maybe that was the very reason why he was so optimistic ? Visiting nice green UN financed show-off projects... and getting paid for it as well... paid for travelling with his eyes wide shut.
The  words, or concept, “Industrial Globalization” was not fully invented back then. We just used to call  it industrial and  commercial rape... which it indeed still is... and I wrote a song about my conception of it all, which I named, "Down the drain"

Down the drain

I was drifting down the highway,
in the early morning rain.
Like water in the gutter,
I  felt going down the drain.
I thought of the world around  me,
and  felt it had gone insane.
I had prayed to God and prayed to man,
but always prayed in vain

      Don’t kill the birds and  flowers,
      and the rivers and the trees
      Don’t   take away the sunshine,
      and the humming of the bees,
      Don’t  poison all around us.

Don’t kill the seven seas.
      Give the unborn child a future,
      with a gentle summers breeze

And I thought of  mighty leaders,
in the countries I have been.
Politicians -  men and women,
all greedy cold and mean.
They never bothered  looking,
beyond their wall or screen;
all acting like it wasn’t there
(all) the misery I’ve seen.

All those preachers of religio
I think they’re deaf and blind.
‘Cause no one seems to care about,
the prayers on my mind.
They only listen to themselves
and praise their Lord so kind.
They hold their holy cross up front
and (they) never look behind

And most people I have talked to,
they live within a shell.
They clearly cannot see from there,
we’re heading straight for hell.
They cannot see the link between,
the dying trees and me;
they’re looking at a dying world,
with eyes that cannot see

(Our  life is like this highway,
in the early morning rain.
Like water in the gutter,
we’re heading down the drain.
Just look at the world around us,
you’ll see it has gone insane.
You  pray to God , ´n  pray to man,
but you always pray in vain)

All rights reseved
© Brandulph