... is one of Norway's absolute greatest and most important classic-realistic artists alive today, Both as an outstanding sculpturer and gifted painter. I had the privilege of meeting him for the first time back in 1982, and have, up through the years, enjoyed the great pleasure of belonging to his circle of good friends and admirers.  And, apart from being a great artist, Oddmund is also an extraordinary concerned and giving person, who with tremendous energy and enthusiasm shares his vast knowledge from the world of art and life itself, with friends and acquaintances.
Albir, Spain, 2004
               Svein Evensen
Oddmund Raudberget
Born: 12.07.32 - i Sør-trøndelag
Sculpturer and painter, living in  Drammen, Norway
former professor at Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole
Education The School of Art in Trondheim, Stone mason apprentice at the Trondheim Domkirke, Academy of Art in Oslo and in Copenhagen
Separate Exhibitions: Unge Kunstneres Salgsutstilling together with Frans Wideberg, 1963 - Kunstforbundet, 1972 og 1974 - Gallery K, 1979, -81 gallerin Tanum, 1982, - Gallery Bellmann, 2000 - (plus numerous separate exhibitions later)
Collective Exhibitions: Høstutstillingen (Oslo), 1955,
-56, -61, -64, -67, -70, 71, -73, -74, -75, -78, -79,
Public works:
- "Fountain figure", Grønnegt. 10, Oslo, 1968
- "Memorial over Norwegian pilots", Little Norway, Canada, 1975
- "Lumberjack", monument, Flisa, 1976
- "Handball player", Drammenshallen, 1978
- "Race horse", Bjerkebanen, Oslo, 1981
- "Fontenefigure", Lier Sparebank, Tranby, 1982
- "Foundry worker" (monument), Odda, 1989
- Bust of Sigurd Christiansen at Drammen Theater
- Portrett av Haldor Oppdal, Ullensvang, 1995
- "Cow" (sculpture in wood), Ås Landbruksmuseum, 1997
- Portray of Johan Halvorsen at Drammen Theater, 1997
- "Bridle Horse", Stadsbygd, 1992
Other Works:
"Horse" (a presant to King Olav's 75th birthday), 10. different. Olympic games-pins, UN 30. years celebration-pin.
medal, Oslo marathon medal, 6. different Nobel price medals,

Bought/Collected by:
- Nasjonalgalleriet, - Riksgalleriet, - Norsk Kulturråd, -Asker
Kommune, -Modum Kommune, Drammen Kunsforrening, Queen
Elisabeth's collection in Buckingham Palace.... and of course by S. Evensen and numerous other lovers of outstanding works of art.

Oddmund Raudberget
Oddmund Raudberget..